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A Message From Hettie

Our family is blessed with two wonderful and beautiful daughters, Lauren and Sydney. Our youngest, Sydney, was born with Cerebral Palsy, global developmental delays, scoliosis, vision and balance impairments, and other ongoing special needs that presents challenges and goals daily for her care and wellbeing. Although I would give gladly everything I am and everything I could possibly gain to make Sydney well, I never lose sight of the incredible gifts and enrichment she has brought into our lives. She is truly an inspiration, a miracle, and our little angel.

As a special needs family, we know the impact and tests encountered and endured by special needs families. The journey, at times, can be difficult, overwhelming, and even devastating. The impact on a family, the depth and range, can not be measured, or expressed, or even seen at times. So please, if you know someone with a special needs child in their life, please help encourage them and their families. Keep them in your prayers and occasionally, a simple phone call, a card, or even a kind word offered, is appreciated more than you know.

And finally, please educate yourself about children with special needs research and services, and prayerfully consider supporting a group or organization of your choice. Together we can truly make a difference. 

Thank you so very much!

Hettie Lightsey, Owner

We are honored to support the following organizations;

 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Autism Speaks 

Special Olympics

World Vision

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